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Laptop DIY – How to Make a Laptop Stand out of a Tray!


You know one of the number one reasons why laptops don’t last more than a year is because you don’t use a laptop stand, especially if the laptop CPU fans are located at the bottom of the laptop.  Most of the older laptops have fans on the bottom (God knows WHY they designed it that way) and if yours does, you might want to consider making yourself one of these laptop stands out of a tray with full air-flow to the bottom of your laptop. (so your laptop lasts

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In car laptop tray

In car laptop tray.jpg

For anyone who has tried to use a laptop in a car they will know how difficult it is, the space and angles are just not right. What it needed is something like one of those tables you get on planes and that is where the Auto Tray comes in; it fixes to the dash or front seats and is fully adjustable.

Product Features

Easy installation, with height and angle adjustment

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Targus portable laptop desk

Targus portable laptop desk.jpg

This is a portable laptop desk, that is ideal for people on the move, but who does not want to use their computer while it is resting on their legs. This is thin design that it easily foldable and therefore can be placed in the laptop bag with the computer.

Product Features and Technical Details

Product Features

Ideal for Travel: Perfect Lightweight Design – Weighs Just 22 Ounces – for Use On an Airplane, At Home and At Work

Mobile Convenience: Non-Skid Surface Holds a Notebook In Place; Can Be Used As a Tilt Stand with 5 Adjustable Angles


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