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Recommended Laptop

The Acer Aspire One 8.9 inch


This is an ideal for the travelling businessperson or student that needs to be mobile but at the same time wants to be able to get online and check emails no matter where they are. It comes with an impressive 160 Gb hard drive and Windows XP OS.


Product Features

1.6GHz Atom N270


1.3 Megapixel camera, SDHC and multi-format media readers

802.11b/g, Ethernet, three USB 2.0, VGA, and 3.5mm audio out

160GB hard drive (2.2 pounds)

Processor, Memory, and Motherboard

Hardware Platform: PC

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Logitech Quickcam especially for laptops


This camera has been specifically designed for netbooks and laptops, it allows the user to communicate with business colleagues and family from anywhere that the user can find an internet connection. It comes with a protective case for safe transportation and fits nicely onto the top of the laptop for ease of use.


Product Features

Enjoy high tech style that´s super functional underneath

Stream high quality VGA video for business, family, or play

Add live video to your favourite instant messenger – MSN Messenger, AOL In

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Mini Bluetooth dongle


This is a great little device that gives a computer owner without Bluetooth access the ability to send and receive data wirelessly. What is more unlike some dongles that stick out about two and half inches, this is almost flush with the side of the computer and is therefore unlikely to get damaged.


Technical Details

Complaint with Bluetooth V2.0/V1.2, up to three times faster than the old Bluetooth V1.2 adapters.

Convert non-Bluetooth enabled PCs to Bluetooth enabled within seconds.

Great help for wireless connection with oth

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The Dell Studio 14z


This is a fourteen inch laptop that defies the rules that define the difference between a netbook and laptop, which is the DVD drive. A netbook does not have one and a laptop does, except in this case it does not. For reasons best known to themselves Dell has decided not to install a DVD Drive, probably to save money.



CPU 2.1GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T6500

RAM Included 3GB

RAM Upgradable 5GB

Hard Drive Size 320GB

Hard Drive Speed 5,400rpm

Hard Drive Type SATA Hard Drive

Optical Drive Type 

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Laptop cooling stand by Belkin


Heat can do so much damage to a laptop and the thing is you do not even know that the damage is being done until it is too late and it is time to buy a new laptop. This could easily been avoided with an investment of around $20 on a laptop cooling stand. Now it seems that buying a laptop cooling stand such as this one from Belkin is not such a crazy idea after all.


Product Features

Patented wave design and high-capacity fan enhance cooling capabilities

Ergonomic features improve typing comfort and reduce wrist and neck strain

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Cush top notebook stand


This is a laptop stand from Belkin who are well known throughout the computer accessory world and so therefore, their products are bound to of a good quality and value. Because of its cushioning effect it is so comfortable to use, however the downside is that it is quite bulky.


Product Features

Stylish padded stand helps keeps laptop cool and protects your lap from heat

Lets you work comfortably on almost any surface

Attractive silver design; made of durable, hand-washable microfiber upholstery

Convenient, slip-in acce

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Leather notebook case from Targus


This is a top of the range laptop case made in leather and is quite capable of carrying a high end seventeen inch laptop with ease. It has many sections, in fact there are enough to allow the user to carry all of the accessories and more because this bag has a section known as the workstation that has pockets for a PDA, pens, paper and just about anything else.


Product Description

Targus TLE400 17″ Deluxe Leather Notebook Case

Technical Details

Notebook Compartment with Protective Nyflex Lining Compatible with Notebooks

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The handy laptop backpack


It is great to a decent laptop bag every now and then, in this case, it is the Wenger Swiss gear Jonas Laptop Backpack, it comes in a bright red colour and has plenty of room to store not just the laptop, but plenty of accessories too. Wenger are the makers of the Swiss Army knife, which is a brilliant device, so maybe this is the bag version.


Product Features

Made by Wenger the genius of the Swiss Army Knife

Side mesh water bottle pockets.

Padded computer pocket keeps your laptop protected.

Stretch mesh mobile device

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LED Digital webcam for laptop


It makes no difference as to when you connect to the internet with this webcam because it comes with six LED’s that are quite capable of illuminating the area in front of the laptop making it ideal for face to face to calls etc.


Technical Details

USB interface, no external power supply needed

Six bright white LEDs for night vision

Plug and Play Compatible

Built-in microphone

Heavy-duty clip w/ foam pads, will not scratch surfaces it is mounted on

Priced at $9.45

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Mini USB multi adapter


It is always handy to have a multi adapter that allows the user to connect different devices to help with listening to music, charging or transferring data from one device to another, this adapter will connect two devices at the same time.


Product Features

Multi Adapter has two ports, which enables you to connect to two devices at the same time

(1) 3.5mm port for connecting any stereo headphones, speakers or sound system with a standard audio 3.5mm input jack

(2) 5-pin mini USB port for charging and data sync cable


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