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The Laptop Management Centre


Get your laptop, notebook or netbook sorted with this laptop management centre, it comes with powerful cooling fans, USB hub, speakers and LED light, but the coolest thing about this product is that is folds right down into a handy package.

Here are some of the specs and features of the Notebook Management Centre:

•This product with special sportive design

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Keyboard, Drums and Laptop


As laptops become more powerful different applications are becoming available that would have only been possible for desktops a while ago. Such as this Korg Nano music system that provides the user with a keyboard, drums and of course the system to mix it altogether on.

You will either be everyone’s friend or hated enemy with this device!

Here are the features and specs of the Korg Nano music system:


•12 trigger pads with velocity and 4 velocity curves

•X-Y pad (Like the Kaossilator!)

•ROLL button

•FLAM button


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AMD Working On Laptop Chip


For fans that do not like putting cash into the pockets of the big boys there has been little choice in the laptop market, but the good news is that Advanced Micro Devices or AMD are doing well in the development of chips for the laptop market.

AMD are looking to produce a chip that can prolong battery power, they are also working on chip based on the existing Bobcat chip micro architecture especially for the Tablet market.

So it looks as if there is going to be a big AMD assault on the market very soon, then the question will have to which is better, Intel or AMD?

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Watch TV On Your Laptop


With the introduction of digital TV accessing all of those shows and events that may have been missed, can now be watched on a laptop making those quiet times at work or while being away so much more like home.

This digital TV tuner plugs into the USB port and connects to the digital TV signal in HD too! It comes with everything needed to watch free to view digital TV channels, however this system will work while moving, so watching it in the car is out of the question!

Features of the USB laptop HDTV receiver:

It plugs into a USB port on a laptop or desktop computer an

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Keeping a close eye on things


Sometimes no matter what your business is, there is going to be the occasion where you have to be away. This presents problems as you really need to keep an eye on things, especially if you are running a new business.

But help is not far away with this motion detecting camera, it can be positioned anywhere that you feel is appropriate and once activated through movement the system can send you a message telling you so.

You can then remotely check out what’s going on and take the appropriate action. The user can also control the camera by remote too; this is really great stuf

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There’s life in those old cassettes


Almost everyone has a cassette or two stashed away in the glove compartment of the car or in the back of drawer somewhere.

Yet some of these cassettes have some brilliant tracks on and why should you go out and buy a new CD of the same when you have already bought the music in the first place.

Anyone that is familiar with the ION USB Turntable, the ION USB Cassette deck does the same but for cassette tapes.

Product Features of the ION USB Cassette Deck:

•Quickly transfer music on your tapes to MP3 format on your computer

•Dual dubbing cassette deck

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The Trekkies communicator


You may not be able to talk to Kirk or Spock with this device, but for a fan of the original series of Star Trek this might be the perfect gift and currently it is around half price at just $24.95!

Just plug it into the USB port of a laptop or Mac and making a VoIP call will never be the same again!

Features – Faithful to the original design first seen in the original series, it plugs into a Mac or a PC running Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 using its built-in USB cable, allowing you to use it to make internet phone calls (requires broadband internet connection and your

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Onkyo DX with two 10.1-inch Dual Screen Laptop!


The new Onkyo DX laptop from Japan (not available here in the U.S. yet) features TWO, whopping 10.1-inch screen that can be either extended as a huge 20.1″ monitor or even used on either side, all for less than $1,000.  If it’s going to be shown as CES 2010, we will be one of the first to have hands-on review.

The laptop also features fingerprint log-in, multi-touch touchpad.  For now, this laptop concept seems good but we will have to wait and see what the consumers think.

Success of fail?  Ple

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ASUS U20 12.1″ Laptop!


ASUS U20 (or UL20) 12.1″ laptop is one of the most versatile laptops you can get for the money.

Currently the U20 comes with an array of options such as a long battery life of 7.5 hours, 1.3GHz Intel SU7300 Core 2 Duo Processor, and 2GB or 4GB of memory depending on which model you get.

On Amazon, there’s two models ASUS U20A-A1(

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Combining Golf and Laptops


It is not that often that you are able to combine the sport that you love and your laptop. Unless your sport is something unmentionable!

So this plug and play golf simulator allows you to play a quick round of golf or just a hole during your break, how is that for stress busting?

Included in with the set is the EA Sports, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008 software and know how good that is.

Features – The included EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008 software visually renders your shots on a PC or television as you negotiate faithful reproductions of world-renowned golf co

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