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Recommended Laptop-mounts

The iLap laptop stand

The iLap laptop stand.jpg

This is the iLap laptop stand that has been designed not only to keep your laptop cool, but to also look cool too. It does all of those things and can be used either on your desk or lap. The only disappointment is that it has been designed solely for the 13.3 inch Apple MacBook laptop.

Product Features

Cool laptop: iLaps durable, lightweight aluminium conducts heat away from your laptop so it stays cooler and lasts longer

Cool lap: iLap lifts the heat from your laptop off your lap so you stay cool

Ergonomic: iLap raises the scre

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The mStand laptop stand from Rain Design

The mStand laptop stand from Rain Design.jpg

These stands are made to raise up the screen of a laptop so the user can work on it as if they were using a normal desk top computer. This particular model has been designed for the Apple MacBook Pro and is finished off in the same style; this is so that the once placed on the stand the whole thing matches up and looks very professional indeed.

Product Features

Better ergonomics is achieved with higher screen height.

Increases screen height by 6 inches.

Tilt design brings screen closer and improves airflow around laptop.

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Laptop riser from Logitech

Laptop riser from Logitech.jpg

A laptop riser is very handy when a laptop user wants to work on the computer in a similar manner as they would on a desk top computer; the riser makes the display stand at eye level. While the use of a keyboard and a mouse mean that the user operate as if they were working on a desktop computer, but when finished they can go back to uses the trusty old laptop.

Product Features

Ergonomically-designed notebook riser for improved comfort

Use with your favourite external keyboard and mouse to create the most comfortable typing posture

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Three fan cooling pad

Three fan cooling pad.jpg

If a overheating laptop is an issue for you, then you might want to take a look at this device, it is a three fan laptop cooling pad, made specifically to keep cool air flowing into the laptop and thereby cooling it down to normal operating levels. The fans are powered by connecting the laptop to the cooling pad through the USB connector making it light and portable.

Product Features

Notebook cooler eliminates laptop overheating

Three fans to dissipate heat build up and prevent heat-related damage

Increases laptop user’s c

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Cooling fan and USB hub

Cooling fan and USB hub.jpg

This is one of those devices that works with any size laptop and that its ideals for sharing around the office or home. Not only does this keep your laptop nice and cool, it also has extra USB ports. Simply connect the device to the laptop via the USB port and the fans begin to work and extra devices can be connected up to the device.

Product Features

Your laptop can breathe easy with this ultimate notebook cooler

Extends the life and functionality of your laptop

Features: 2 ultra-quiet cooling fans (14CFM / 1,500RPM), 3-Port US

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Laptop into desktop the easy way

Laptop into desktop the easy way.jpg

There are few docking stations around that allows the laptop owner to use it as a desk top when they are home or in the office. Take this version from Dekstandz, this has a cool design that packs the laptop off out of the way, while the monitor, mouse and keyboard are plugged into the docking station itself, it is a neat way of making the most of your laptop.


This allows any thickness laptop to be held securely.

The best materials have been used to create a product with incredible quality and durability. Every stand is made i

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Traveller coolpad from Road Tools

Traveller coolpad from Road Tools.jpg

This looks like it has been designed for the Apple style of laptop but that is not so, this cooling pad will work with most laptops whether they are PC or Apple. It is simple to use with no connections or attachments to use and works well while travelling.

Product Features

Cools your laptop by letting air flow

Works with MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air

Technical Details

Brand Name: Road Tools

Model: Traveler White

Priced at $19.95

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The 3M laptop riser

The 3M laptop riser.jpg

Lifting a laptop up in air so that it can be used in a similar way a PC can be is a risky business; this is your laptop in the air in front of you. Anything can happen and that would mean the end of the laptops display. However, it would seem that the 3M vertical laptop riser is just the job; it is safe, secure and ideal.

From the Manufacturer

The 3M LX550 Vertical Notebook Riser provides an easy, secure way to raise and lower laptop computers for ergonomical positioning on a desktop

Featuring a non-skid base, cable management for bet

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The three fan laptop cooler

The three fan laptop cooler.jpg

The Kinamax Fan NTP3 laptop cooler is classified by the maker as being a business tool; we cannot see the relevance in it being used by business users rather than other people. What it does come with is three USB powered fans, which draws cool air in and forces into the laptop. What’s more, this has been designed to be very quiet; there is nothing worse than a noisy and vibrating laptop cooler.

Product Features

Front fan On/Off switch for easy access

Three quiet fans for quick heat dissipation.

Powered by USB bus, No addit

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The Heatshift cooling pad

The Heatshift cooling pad.jpg

The jury is out on this method of cooling down a laptop, this is because the mat is a quilted design, the laptop sits on top of it and to be frank there is no space for air to get flow under the computer. The pad simply draws the heat from the laptop, but in doing so, the mat itself becomes warm.

Product Features

Dimensions: 16″ X 11.5″ X 0.5″

Weight: 28 oz.

Perfectly sized for 17″ laptops, Uses unique cooling crystals to cool, No need for refrigeration

Cools with no noise, no fans, no laptop power, Performs bette

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