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Laptop DIY – How to Make a Laptop Stand out of a Tray!


You know one of the number one reasons why laptops don’t last more than a year is because you don’t use a laptop stand, especially if the laptop CPU fans are located at the bottom of the laptop.  Most of the older laptops have fans on the bottom (God knows WHY they designed it that way) and if yours does, you might want to consider making yourself one of these laptop stands out of a tray with full air-flow to the bottom of your laptop. (so your laptop lasts

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Laptop DIY – How to Install/Replace Laptop Memory!


Installing/replacing laptop memory is actually simpler than most people (who don’t know how) think.  Usually it involves couple screws, back cover, and voila!  You can easily install/replace laptop memory.

Here’s a video on how to install/replace laptop memory for those of you who don’t know how:

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Fake Acer Aspire One Spotted

Clearly, this is going to be from China, as that does seem to be the place where clones pop up every now and then. This clone is known as the T26 and it is remarkably similar to the Acer Aspire One S101. When it comes to the price, it seems that the consumer in China may be tempted with the T26!

Both the clone and the S101 have:

10.2 inch

1024 x 600 pixel display

Intel Atom N270 processors

1GB of RAM

160GB hard drives

Windows XP


Clone has 802.11b/g Wi-Fi

S101 has 802.11n Wi-Fi

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Laptop DIY – How to Make a Cup-Holder Laptop Stand!

Here’s a rather interesting laptop DIY where Mike has built a laptop stand that will fit perfectly snug in his car’s cup-holder using PVC pipes. This might beat the socks off many in-car laptop stands out there that cost big dollars. Heck, I am gonna go make one this week! Great DIY Mike!

The commercially made units also bolt to the floor and take time and tools to install and remove. I always thought there had to be a better way. One day I had a brainstorm. I figured out a quick and easy way to bui

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Great hack for Asus Eee PC

The are plenty of hacks out there for most laptops, but are there are not many around that introduce useful status LED’s that let you know what is happening with the computer. This could be to indicate charging, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and something that is really cool incoming messages.

The is what the netbook hacker known as Justblair has done, he has added an extra LED to the casing of his Asus Eee PC 901 and wir

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The Kohjinsha SK3 fits into your planner

There are not many computers that can be put into your organiser, but the Kohjinsha SK3 is one and it looks pretty cool too offering the user an easy way of incorporating a small computer into daily life, but at the same time having the provision to make hand written notes too.


7-inch (1024 x 600) LED backlit display

Wi-Fi draft N

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Vaio P knock off costs $300

It is little wonder that the entire computing world does not consist of fakes and copies, oh but it does! This latest knock off is of the Sony Vaio P, it is called the Gemsta Viva and comes with a $300 price tag now who is going to argue with that! Check and the specs and decide for yourself.


CPU: Intel Atom Z515/Z520/Z530

Chipset: Inte

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Laptop for Dummies, 3rd Edition

Laptop for Dummies, 3rd Edition.jpg

The “For Dummies” series is brilliant, there are plenty of subjects to choose from, but on this occasion, the subject is Laptops and so within it there is plenty of information for the new user who is completely familiar with everything that these machines can do.

Below is just a few points on the type of content contained within:

Navigate all your laptop-s components

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Sensor creates a touchscreen display

For a long time, there has been a move by many people to hack their own laptops to turn them into a touchscreen device. But that is not for everyone as it can be highly technical and so requires a certain amount of knowledge as this is not for everyone it is great that with a simple device any mini laptop can be turned into a touchscreen device.

The Siso Tablo from Hantech comes in two parts the sensor that is plac

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USB travel speaker

USB travel speaker.jpg

In need of an additional speaker, then check this speaker on a flexible cable out. The plug in and play device is easy to use, with no wiring required just plug into the USB port and you are away. The speaker can be positioned anywhere that you want.

Product Features and Technical Details

Product Features

Plug and play for PC and Mac.

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