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Handheld launches the Algiz XRW


From the title nothing is given away, but the Algiz XRW netbook is as rugged as they come, it is a bit like, some of those tough book machines as its casing protects the internal components from dust, dirt and even water, making it highly desirable for people that work in extreme conditions, like building works and other industrial plants.

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Solar Powered Laptop Bag/Briefcase!

Solar Powered Laptop Bag!

Solar Powered Laptop Bag!

The Voltaic Generator is one of the seriously cool innovations, which you would really love to have, but just know that the price tag is going to be steep. However, this is proper hi tech stuff which has enough power to charge up a laptop.

For the ultimate mobile computing these days, you need to carry a solar panel with you to charge on the go.  But here’s a solar powered laptop bag that will allow you to get extra solar power without the hassle of carrying a big, lousy solar panel with you.

Using high-efficiency

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