Parts for the Blackberry Playbook cost $190

We all know by now that the difference between the retail value and the build value of any product can seem to be staggering, but we are also very interested in just how much things cost.

Thanks the UBM Techinsights, we now know just how much the internal workings of the new Blackberry Playbook cost and it turns out to be less than $200! Yet according to the Blackberry website, the device has a starting price of $499, it is amazing the difference between build cost and retail cost, but it’s not all profit of course.

These are the components as found in the Blackberry Playbook according to UBM Techinsights;

SanDisk-Toshiba SDIN5C2-16G – MLC NAND Flash Memory – 16 GB

Elpida B8064B2BPB – 1 GB LPDDR2 DRAM system memory located on the OMAP4430

Texas Instruments OMAP4430 – Applications processor located in package-on-package on board.

Texas Instruments TWL6030 – Power management IC

Intersil i951 9HRTZ F032RG – IC

Wolfson Micro WM8994E – Audio Codec

ST Microelectronics XTV0987 – 5 MP Mobile Image Processor (found in Blackberry Torch)

Texas Instruments WL1283C – WiLink 7.0 single-chip WLAN, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0 and FM solution

Invensense MPU-3050 – Triple Axis (X/Y/Z) MEMS Gyroscope (Motion Processing Unit) – SIX AXIS sensor

Cypress CY8CTMA3 – touch screen controller

Bosch BMA150 – Digital accelerometer

Texas Instruments LMV339 – General-purpose low-voltage comparator

Intersil ISL9519 – Narrow VDC regulator/charger with SMBus interface

Source [IT Pro Portal]



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