Kno introduce a single screen tablet

It was not that long ago when Kno announced that its dual fourteen inch touch screen tablet device for students would be on the market by the end of the year, well a further announcement has told us that the company will be launching a single screen device too!

This single screen tablet will be offering a 14.1 inch touch screen display, the target market is for students and although the dual screen model will retail around $1,000, the single screen version will only be slightly less!

Here are the specs and details for the single touch screen Kno tablet device:

Choose from single or dual screen versions that you can write on, highlight on, watch video on. And, oh yes… read on.

Dazzling large screen. The Kno is stunningly book-like and can display a complete textbook without scrolling. Opens flat like a book or folds back on itself as a single panel slate.

Touch screens. Navigate using touch-screens that deliver amazingly natural interactions with textbooks and notes.

Pen stylus. Writing is natural, and our stylus is smooth and effortless.

Video. Dazzling resolution that was built for video.

Multi-tasking. Change learning states instantly. Glide from a textbook to a video, then dash off a note with total fluidity.

Mobile. A truly mobile device, with batteries to last a full day on campus.

Compact. Carry eight terms’ textbooks, notes, documents and media in a small device.

No final prices announced yet

Source [Liliputing]

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One Response to Kno introduce a single screen tablet

  1. peter says:

    eh, ok and can we now have some specs? these look like they were written by a 10 year old chinese kid whos father is the director of the company XD
    cpu, amount of RAM, resolution, capacitive or resistive, usb, graphics, etc.
    dont drop the ball people!!

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