Asus launch the Eee Note EA800

A new eight inch tablet from Asus known as the Eee Note EA800 has been launched and it will be on the shelves within a few weeks. the device offers the user an eight inch monochrome display with touch screen capabilities, it was to known as an electronic notebook, but Asus have brought it into the model range and named it the Eee Tablet, rightly so too!

These are features for the new eight inch tablet from Asus Eee Note EA800;

The EA800 will come with a monochrome touch screen with 1024 x 768 pixels resolution, this is in fact capable of displaying up to sixty four shades of gray, the device is run by the Marvell processor on ARM micro architecture, comes with a 4 GB memory, a slot for microSD memory card, a 2 mega pixel camera, controller wireless Wi-Fi (802.11 b / g), 1 W speaker, USB port and rechargeable battery with 3700 mAh that is capable of offering up to 13.5 hours of power

Priced at around $300

Source [Seer Press]

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