Camera Kit For The iPad

One of the things that iPad users complain about is the lack of a camera, but that could be changing when the new iPad comes out next year. Although that does not do anything to help the owners of the current iPad, surely there is something that can be done about that? Well it seems that a Chinese firm MIC have done just that with their camera connector kit.

These are the details for the MIC Gadget 3 in 1 camera kit for the Apple iPad;

Remember the 2-in-1 iPad camera connection kit? It’s an useful accessory for your iPad, and it’s amazing to see that the two dongles Apple sells bundled together for $29 have been reduced to just the one device, but what’s more amazing we seeing here is a 3-in-1 version. In addition, it comes in black colour too.

Priced at around $30

Source [Liliputing]

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