Acer release specs for W500 Tablet

There are a few new tablets on the market at the moment such as the Motorola XOOM and the Apple iPad, but this is the new tablet from Acer, the W500 it is a cool looking device offer a decent ten display and optional docking keyboard. This tablet is due to be released in Europe soon and later in the USA, although the exact date is not yet known.

These are the known specs for the new Acer W500 tablet device with dock;

10-inch multitouch display, running on Windows 7, 2GB RAM, UMTS support, AMD C-50 processor, AMD Radeon HD6250 graphics, TouchBrowser, SocialJogger and much more.

Prices will be $720 for the W500 and $848 for the W500 and dock

Source [Eee PC]

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