Woodie skins offer natural protection

So you have a nice laptop or a beaten up laptop the problem is the same for both and yet can be solved with one of these skins, at just $30 can you afford not to buy a laptop skin?

However, what makes these skins so special is that they are made of real wood, now that is cool!

Schtickers Laptop Skins are: Easy to apply and remove, a cool way to instantly makeover a laptop, Available in a variety of styles and sizes, Removable and reusable, High-quality vinyl with an amazing removable adhesive, Intended for the top outside of a laptop. Made from actual wood veneer, Woodie Laptop Skins will instantly make over your laptop in under a minute. Introductory price of $29.99. Regular pricing is $34.99.

Source [Think Laptops]


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