Nokia moving into the laptop market

With many of computer maker looking at getting into the mobile phone business, so too are the some of the mobile phone companies like Nokia who have been the butt of many rumours recently, although they have confirmed that they will be entering the laptop market.



It looks as if they will be using a computer maker who are based in Taiwan and as for the brain it is going to be a straight choice between the Intel Atom processor or Qualcomm’s Snapdragon, the later being the most likely choice as the winner of chip war. Smartphone’s have been a great source of revenues for Nokia, but now it seems that mini laptops are the key to the future for the phone company.


Source [Eweek Europe]





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  1. redhat says:

    this may be a good new to all of us , as we know Nokia ‘s mobile phone is famous with it good quality and durable this is just the weakness of most laptop computers . So if Nokia can do this on their laptop that will be great! I will pay more attention on this!
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