Toshiba release low cost netbook

It may be a netbook, but Toshiba have packed this little power house with as much as they dare for just $300, but are Toshiba in uncharted territory now?

In the past, the company have been known for building good solid machines, but in a market where cost is a key factor; can a firm like Toshiba actually make an impact and survive.

Well it seems that with this NB255 with a glossy black finish and features to match just about any other machine on the market. the question is $300 cheap enough to tackle the market or will the consumer go for the name over price.

These are the features and specs for the reasonably priced laptop:

Intel Atom N455 1.67GHz

Up to 2GB of RAM

Up to 250GB SATA hard drive

10.1 inch screen

1024 x 600 resolution

Intel graphics media accelerator

802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi

3 x USB

3-1 card reader


Priced at under $300

Source [Geek with Laptop]

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