OLPC have 30 XO’s up for developers

Anyone out there want to get their grubby little hands on an OLPC XO 1.5 laptop?


If so then this could be your chance, because the guys over at OLPC are making thirty of these nifty little numbers available to anyone (Well ok, its only open to developers) that would like one. All they ask of in return is that you help out by working on the software for the XO!

Now that can’t be bad can it?


If you are interested then you had better head off over to the OLPC site and follow the instructions, there is only thirty remember.

 Specifications (base version)

Manufacturer – OLPC 

Model name – XO Laptop 

CPU type – AMD Geode LX-700

CPU speed – 433 Mhz 

OS Linux – Fedora 

Display Size – 7.5″ 800 X 600

Display Type – LED b/l

RAM – 256 MB

Flash – 1 GB

Keyboard – YES

Mouse Pointer – YES

Weight – 1500gm / 52.9 oz. 

Size (w/h/d mm) – 242/238/32 mm

Size (w/h/d inches) – 9.5/9.4/1.3 

Physical Interfaces

Line-out / Headphone (3.5mm)


USB2.0 (x3)

SD card slot

Wireless Interfaces


No Wireless PAN (Bluetooth)

No Wireless WAN (e.g. 3G cellular)

Source [Liliputing]


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