MSI show off the La Mode

This is a netbook with some serious exterior styling; it has a case that looks as if it could be alien in nature. However, there is nothing out this world about the MSI la Mode, it is a ten inch netbook that comes with an interesting futuristic looking cover that not only looking cool it will also spread out the heat too.

Here are further details of the very interesting MSI La Mode netbook:

The 10″ Netbook, MSI’s latest concept netbook, boasts a chic exterior that will withstand the test of time. Crafted by MSI’s design team, a great deal of time, energy, and thought went into the exterior design. After the exterior was finished, the team focused on overcoming the challenge of heat dissipation. The end result: This concept Netbook offers powerful mobile computing sheathed in an elegantly stylish ebony cloth case with wave-pattern and luminescent MSI logo. It is more than a computing device. It is a classy, yet unpretentious accessory.

No prices yet as these have just been announced

Source [Liliputing]

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