Meego’s new look

The IDF Beijing 2001 is always going to be big for far eastern firms, but it seems that MeeGo are looking to make a big splash too with a new look. China is the ideal marketplace for MeeGo and it looks as if they are going for it out there, but so far, all we know about the Meego device is that it has a 10.1 inch display, is 10 mm thick and will be running a Z670 1.50 GHz processor with around 1 GB of RAM

This is what MeeGo has to say about it service;

MeeGo will provide expanded features, improved performance, and a richer user experience for netbooks. With its advanced support for touch and connectivity, MeeGo is a compelling platform for netbook and tablet creation and application development. MeeGo is a light-weight, scalable, fast-booting and a brand-able operating system.

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