The Kohjinsha PM series goes small

Kohjinsha have been making some great little computers and yet the latest one is the PM series and it is small and compact enough to be held in one hand. What you get is a nice 4.8 inch display with 1024 x 600 resolution and a 16 Gb SSD making it ideal for travelling around with as it can be used virtually anywhere.


This Kohjinsha netbook has of the following features:

• Intel Atom N510 1.1GHz processor

• 512MB RAM

• 16GB SSD

• 4.8 inch, 1024 × 600-pixel resolution touch screen

• 802.11n and Bluetooth

• Mini USB port

• MicroSD card reader

• Windows XP Home edition

Priced at $700

Source [Eee PC]


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