The Jolicloud Netbook to Launch in UK tomorrow

No matter what the device is a launch is an exciting proposition, it offers excitement and surprise; with the Joilcloud netbook release, we can expect both emotions.

The netbook is expected to be released onto the UK market tomorrow (Friday) where are expected to find am Atom N550 1.5 GHz dual core processor running the show, with a 250 GB hard drive backing things up and or all held together with the Jolicloud operating system, it is an exciting time!

This what the Jolicloud Linux based operating has to offer;

Installing an app takes only one click, and removing it is just as easy.

Jolicloud comes with some of the best apps already pre-installed, including Gmail, Skype, Twitter, Firefox, and more.

It is up to you to organize your apps the way you want – your launcher is customizable.

We take care of any app updates so that updating is easy, and that you always have the latest version of everything.

Jolicloud has selected 700+ of the best free apps to install and share with your friends.

You don’t have to keep up with Internet trends to discover the coolest new apps – our curated, Featured Apps directory is updated weekly with the best and the latest.

Jolicloud makes it easy for you to share what apps you like with your friends and vice versa, so it’s always a dynamic and social app environment.

Source [Liliputing]

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