Laptop Pimp Wishlist – ASUS 1TB Laptop comes with 1 Gigabyte of storage!

You know, all my laptop problems have either been from lack of storage of lack of extra harddisk so I can install some proprietary linux OS for testing.

Here’s ASUS 1TB Laptop that comes with 2 whammo 500MB hard disks and not too chunky at 8.8 pounds.\

And while spec-wise the M70S is a loaded baked potato (2.5GHz Core 2 Duo, 4 gigs of RAM, Blu-ray, TV tuner, and an ATI Radeon HD 3650), the machine is buggy in day-to-day use. Applications installed only after hiccups, strange lags erupted almost at random, and baffling messages asserting DRM errors popped up when we did something as simple as playing back a standard DVD. Most troubling: Windows Vista only reported 3GB of RAM instead of the four we knew were present. Whether the hardware isn’t up to snuff or the M70S has driver problems than can be ironed out with an update or two was impossible to determine, but the issues were consistent throughout our testing. Power through the issues and you’ll find the M70S offers exceptional performance, though not record-breaking by any stretch. $2,399 isn’t a terrible deal for the surfeit of goodies you get, but gamers with cash to burn will want even better performance than the M70S can offer — and they’ll demand considerably better stability.

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