New Netbook From China

The SungWorld range of computers has the dubious accolade of having a $73 starting price, but by anyone’s standards that is just too cheap and the range has been added to with the 10.1 inch display L3 it’s a little bit more up market than the smaller versions and comes with a much higher price tag of just over $300.

However, this is a venture in cost cutting, finding ways to make the computer cheaper and one of the ways to do that has been to remove the mouse buttons so that they are integrated in with the touch pad.

Features of the ten inch SungWorld L3 netbook:

10 inch models, a netbook with a 10.1 inch, 1024 x 600 pixel display, Intel Atom N270 CPU, weighs just over 2.2 pounds, a 3200mAh lithium polymer battery and GMA 950 graphics.

Priced at around $300

Source [Liliputting]

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