Sugar on a stick is sweet

Sugar is project that allows any user to install the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) XO operating system onto any laptop through the handy USB stick. The Sugar OS has been built for educational use and is great for kids and their teachers to use. Because it is on a stick it is highly portable and can switched between users and computers in a flash!


Sugar facilitates sharing and collaboration: Children can write, share books, or make music together with a single mouse-click.

Activities, not applications.

Automatic backup of Activity work; no worrying about files or folders. Sugar’s Journal makes it almost impossible to lose any data.

The Journal records everything you do: It is a place to reflect upon and evaluate your work.

Sugar runs on most computer hardware, including slower machines.

Sugar is free software: It is written in the modern Python language and easily customized.

Sugar is documented by its users: It is easy to use and teachers worldwide have created a wealth of pedagogical materials for it.

Source [Liliputing]

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