Sony plan a Google Chrome netbook

It is rumoured that Sony are planning to jump onto the Chrome OS bandwagon and that there is even a prototype device in the pipeline, of course we have heard all this before and we should be asking is there any value in the Chrome OS at all anyway!

The netbook could offer the user a 11.6 inch LCD display with a 1366 × 768 of pixel resolution, powered by the Nvidia Tegra 2 (250) platform, graphics from the Ultra-low power GeForce GPU and it is supposed to weigh around 2.2 lb, which is very light indeed.

These are the specs that are expected to be found on the Sony Google Chrome netbook;

Nvidia Tegra 2 (250) platform

11.6″ (1366×768) LCD display

1 GB of Memory

16 GB eMMC (electronic multimedia card)

Ultra-low power GeForce GPU

Wireless WAN

Wide Keyboard (18mm) will be pretty similar to the Google Chrome Cr-48 laptop keyboard

Dimensions: less than an inch thick at around 19.9 mm; width is at 11.7″ (298 mm) and it is 21.5 cm (8.46″) deep

It should weigh around 2.2 lb (or 1kg)

8 hour battery life

No details of price or availability yet

Source [Eee PC]



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  1. Laptop Fanz says:

    Looks great and easy to travel with, would definitely recommend to others.

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