Launch of the Packard Bell 11.6 inch

Now according to general opinion an 11.6 inch computer is a netbook, but according to Packard Bell this is not a netbook and so who are we to argue. Regardless of size, this machine has the performance of a laptop, there are going to be different specs and after the 22nd October, it will come loaded with Windows 7. There are two colour choices and Packard Bell claim that it will have a battery life of eight hours, sounds cool to us.



11.6 inch display

Intel ULV processor

Embedded numeric keypad

Multi-gesture touchpad

HDMI port

Dolby support

Up to 500 GB hard drive

Maximum of 4 GB RAM

5 in 1 memory card reader

Built-in microphone


Available in Night Sky Black and Cherry Red colours

Prices start at around $600

Source [Pocket Lint]


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