The General Dynamics GD6000

This is one serious laptop, this has been designed to survive in the most serious of hostile conditions and yet it can still carry out all of the operations that anyone would ever need. The primary market for this is clearly the military and security organisations, or perhaps it would be good for some heavy handed computer users too.




General Dynamics Itronix GD6000 highlights:

Vehicle-rugged compact notebook ideal for vehicle deployment

Very high performance with state-of-the art processor and chipset technology

Superb outdoor-viewable display

Completely compatible with 1st and second generation VR series peripherals and docks

Elegant and durable industrial design

Excellent radio performance with multiple internal antennas

Very good security via multiple access protection technologies

Well-conceived and designed vehicle dock

Meets most “fully rugged” requirements at a lower price

However, keep in mind:

Display vertical viewing angle should be wider

Conventional 4:3 aspect ratios starting to look dated

Spill-proof keyboard and touchpad, but no liquids ingress protection rating

Some desirable options are “either/or”

Priced at $3,500


Source [Rugged PC Review]






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  1. Rich says:

    We carry this product and have already sold a few. The response so far from our customers has been quite positive. They particularly like the outdoor display.

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