WiMAX might be coming to MacBooks!

MacBooks!” src=”http://laptoppimp.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/wimax-apple.jpg” alt=”WiMAX might be coming to MacBooks!” width=”496″ height=”294″ />

It looks like Intel and Apple is trying to push for WiMAX on MacBooks as they have filed for FCC approval on their Wifi/WiMAX card. I wouldn’t be surprised if you can simply swap out the new card on your MacBooks.

Oh, glorious FCC! Bringer of news on upcoming products. Thank you for the gift we’ve just received….Even though Intel tried to keep it quiet from us (PDF).

Over the weekend, the FCC leaked out a bit of exciting news. Intel is soon releasing the 5350 WiFi/WiMAX combo card that fits into Mini PCI Express card slots

[via gizmodo computerworld]

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