Wednesday Laptop News Roundup

AppleInsider is reporting that Apple resellers are getting ready for the post-Thanksgiving rush with some special deals on the MacBook and the Office suite. So far, the MacBook Pro will be $200 to $250 less on Friday. Grab one up!

TomsGuide has some great insight on Windows 7 and its impact on the netbook, which is now the most popular format for computers. With a new hardware type to work with, Microsoft will have their hands full trying to get the most out of the netbook specs.

Christopher Dawson over at ZDNet has some interesting ideas on Android and Netbooks, it’s worth a read.

And finally, the Motley Fool has some tips for Steve Jobs and why Apple should stear clear of the netbook market. The Fool is usualy right. Listen Steve.

Okay everyone, have a great Thanksgiving. We’ll see you back here on Friday for more laptop reviews, news and hacks. Until then, happy lappy.

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