CTL IL1PC Reviewed!

CTL IL1PC Reviewed!

I really wish mini-laptop manufacturer start naming their machines with some sense instead of all these “eec pc”, “Il1pc”, etc…etc…

Well, to get to the point, this CTL Il1PC comes with a 60GB harddrive at $449.  I wouldn’t buy one yet even though I am an early adaptor, wait till the mass tries it and the prices drops in half.  (Did I say I was an early adaptor?  Sorry sometimes I am the other way around…)

To me, it still looks very shabby, I think manufacturers could do better.

Putting the IL1PC’s 1.0GHz VIA C7-M processor and 1GB of RAM to work, Windows XP Home runs smoothly and takes 53 seconds to boot up. There is little to no lag toggling between applications, and launching programs such as Windows Media Player and Firefox takes an average of 4 seconds.

[via engadget laptopmag]

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