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Mention Razer to a gamer and they be thinking of accessories, but Razer have gone up slightly with the Switchblade device that promises to bring another level of gaming to the user, although at the demo stages the firm do a have a video on YouTube to show off exactly what the potential player can expect from this little device.

Razer Switchblade micro laptop will be offering a handy little seven inch touch screen with smallish keyboard. It is likely to be powered by an Intel Atom chip laptop and will come with a second seven inch LCD located under the keyboard buttons; this LCD will be able to show a different picture for each button.

The Intel Atom CPU is likely to be in the 2 Ghz range, there will be at least a couple of USB ports for a mouse and other accessories, it is also likely to come with Bluetooth support, Wi-Fi and maybe even built-in mobile broadband support for gaming on the go.

It is though that the device is likely to be in the $500 price range.

Source [Eee PC]

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