The laptopper portable shelf

When people spend a lot of time in their cars they tend to treat it more like their home rather than just being transport.

However, out of all things that you can do in the car, working on the laptop easily is not one of them.

However that maybe a different story with this portable laptop table that can fit over the steering wheel or headrest for the perfect laptop support.

Features – Mobile desktop, Fits 17″ notebook computers and smaller, Slim enough to store between seats or underneath, Fits over steering wheel or headrest, Durable, washable nylon and Weight 7 oz. Priced at $14.99.

Source [Think Geek]


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2 Responses to The laptopper portable shelf

  1. bahak says:

    its good if i have it one…

  2. bahak says:

    its good news,,, i wanna get one….

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