DIY kit to turn netbook into an arcade cabinet

Build your own mini arcade game machine with this Nanocade kit, there used to be loads of these machines around during the early eighties, but if there are any left, they must antiques by now! Bedsides you get the computing power of the netbook of your choice in this console. The kit comes in twenty nine parts; all you have to do is provide a netbook with a maximum screen of 10.1 inches and $300!

The KIT will include following items:

- All the acrylic parts complete with holes

- Steel joystick bracket with nuts and bolts for mounting standard arcade joystick

What you need to buy:

- Joystick and/or with encoder (like the UltraStik 360)

- Arcade buttons 24 mm from Sanwa or Seimitsu

- Adhesive for acrylic like Acrifix, Weld-on etc.

- Just a Netbook (maximum 10.1 inch) or Mini ITX board + Monitor (more expensive)

Priced at around $300

Source [Liliputing]

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