PeeWee launch Pivot 2.0

The idea of kid’s laptops is not new, as there are plenty of examples around, but PeeWee has come up with a convertible tablet computer that runs on Intel technology and has been child proofed with tough plastic features to protect the machine from bumps and scrapes.

Included in with the deal are some educational games, security and other software, but the specs of the machine are low and the price appears to be on the high side at around $600!

These are the details and features for the children’s tablet PC from PeeWee;

Built on the Intel® Atom™ processor, the PeeWee Pivot PC is an Intel-powered Classmate PC which features durable, drop and spill resistant construction with a sturdy plastic case and removable carrying handle to withstand demanding everyday use at school, in the house, on the job or when travelling. Our most popular computer! Rotating Touch Screen; 15 Educational Games; 2 Security Suites; 1 Year Warranty, Lifetime Support

Priced at around $600

Source [Eee PC]

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