WWII Oil Cloth Laptop Sleeve

Oil cloth is about as waterproof a fabric can be, and so make the ideal material for a laptop sleeve! However, this particular oil cloth is original WWII stock and so it is only right that the design reflects the era from where the material dates from.

The laptop sleeve has been designed to appear like an old letter dating back to the 1940’s, it even comes with an original US or European postage stamp from that era, fitted into a special enclosure.

These are the main details and specs for the brilliant letter styled laptop sleeve;

Our brand new Laptop Sleeve is inspired by old letters that loved ones would send back and forth during WWII.  Each sleeve is designed to look just like an envelope and has an authentic 1930′s – 1940′s era European or American stamp on it. Specs; fits a 15″ laptop (any generation of MacBook/PowerMac), WWII era stamp with each sleeve, Dead-stock WWII oil cloth (spill resistant), fully padded with closed cell foam and additional document sleeve

Priced at $89

Source [The Carry]

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