Convert slides and negatives to digital

It was not that long when taking a photo meant using a film such as 35mm, but now digital is king and film processing is almost non existent.

However, some people still have those old slides and negatives, but have nothing to do with them.

Yet with this device and a laptop, you become your own film processor as all of those slides and film negatives can be turned into digital images.

Features – Slides and negatives are placed into a tray that aligns each properly; at the press of a button, the converter’s 5MP CMOS sensor captures each image at up to 1,800 dpi, with three bright white LEDs providing backlighting. 10 bits per colour channel, fixed focus, and automatic exposure control and colour balance result in sharp digital images without loss of quality. Includes a USB 2.0 cable and photo editing software for Windows Vista (32-bit) or XP. 6 1/2″ H x 31/2″ W x 3 1/2″ D. (1 lb.) Priced at $99.95

Source [Hammacher Schlemmer]


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