USB to USB Data Transfer Kit

With this kit, transferring data from device to another is easy, so long as both devices have USB ports. This is a small neat device that can easily be stored away until needed; on those occasions, the user would be glad that they have such a device handy.

These are the features and specs for the USB to USB Data Transfer Kit;

Transfers data from one USB device to another

Transfers data from another USB device to the original one

Transfers data back AND forth! OMG!11!ONE!

Small size, fits easily in your laptop bag

Yep, it’s kinda like a tiny hub. Just like that.

Be careful around whales, they don’t call ‘em “killer” for nothin’

Price was $24.99 the price now is $14.99 that is a saving of 40%

Source [Think Geek]



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