Ubuntu 10.10 beta for netbooks

October has been set for the launch of the latest edition of the Linux based operating system Ubuntu the 10.10 edition meant for netbooks. As expected the beta version will be more stable than the alpha version, however for those users who cannot wait until the official release, it can taken for a test drive here.

Here are just some of the new features available with Ubuntu 10.10 beta:

There is a new Unity interface for Ubuntu Netbook Edition.

The Ubuntu Software centre has new “featured” and “what’s new” sections as well as a history area that keeps track of what you have installed, removed, or upgraded.

Shotwell replaces F-Spot as the default photo manager.

Ubuntu Desktop Edition has a newer version of GNOME, the Evolution email client, and an updated Gwibber Twitter client.

Kubuntu includes the latest versions of the KDE desktop software, and the desktop and netbook interfaces have been merged.

Source [Liliputing]

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