The solar powered USB hub

On the face of it this is a device that would seem to be brilliant, a solar powered USB hub now charging up devices such as the iPod and iPhone can be done just about anywhere. But that is not the case here, sure, it is solar powered but this will directly charge any device connected to it, the solar power merely charges up the built LED torch, which needless to say is a bit of a disappointment.

Features and specs for the solar powered four port USB Hub:

Do you still keep a torch at home?  If no, probably you need to consider this 4-Port UBB Hub.  If yes, did you always find it run of our power due to keep it idle for long time?  If yes too, will you consider this USB Hub with a dual Power Torch? It is a 4-Port USB Hub, as the same time, it also comes with 2 White LED as an emergency Torch.  This Torch runs be a built-in battery.  The battery could be re-juiced by the Solar Power at the top of the Hub or via the USB Cable (included). Features: A 4 Port USB Hub. Dual Power (Rejuiced by Solar Panel or USB Port)  LED Torch. LED indicator for charging status. Package Contents: 4-Port USB Hub with a dual power (Solar + USB Port) Torch  x 1. USB Cable x 1

Priced at $12.99

Source [Get USB]

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