The secret laptop sleeve

The danger of carrying around a laptop is that somebody could simply walks past and steals it, knowing full well that it is going to be worth a few hundred dollars as a minimum. Even if you are carry it around with in a sleeve or case, the danger is still there, so what if you were walking around with a tatty old envelope, would that make you a target? Probably not and that is why these laptop sleeves are so handy, hardly anyone is going to think that these are going to be holding a new laptop in.



Turn your laptop into something that any opportunist thief would not look twice at

Looking like a tatty old envelope the Undercover Laptop Sleeve is a state of the art laptop sleeve, both waterproof and tearproof whilst also providing padding to stop your laptop from getting damaged.

This stroke of genius comes in two sizes (8″ -13″ and 13″ – 17″) allowing you to carry your laptop around safe in the knowledge that it looks like you simply have a padded envelope under your arm!

Priced at $30

Source [Think Laptops]


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