The Ironkey Flash Drive

For the computer user that worries about security the Ironkey Flash Drive is the way to go. It offers the user military style security at price that is affordable; it even comes with a secure copy of Firefox so that the user can always be sure that what they are doing is always going to be safe and secure.

These are the specs and features of the Ironkey military style flash drive:

•Fast 30MBPS Read, 20MBPS Write

•Drive contents encrypted with AES CBC-Mode Encryption

•Onboard IronKey Password-manager keeps all your internet passwords safe

•Secure version of Firefox included that encrypts all your web-surfing traffic

•Encased in a potted metal case, not plastic, making it one of the strongest USB keys around

•Exceeds MIL-STD-810F military waterproofing standards

•The encryption chip self-destructs if an invasive attack is detected

•If your Ironkey is lost, you can restore from a secure backup to a new Ironkey in minutes

•Dual channel SLC NAND Flash for high-quality and read/write speeds

•Works great in Windows XP and Windows Vista, Linux and Mac OS X. Linux and Mac support requires Windows initialization, first.

•Sorry – due to export restrictions, we cannot ship outside the US and Canada.

Priced at between $69.99 to $139.99

Source [Think Geek]

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