The Alu Stand for Macs and Laptops

This is a very interesting and attractive design made from Aluminium, so that is going to make it light but strong and allows the display to be at eye level rather than having to look down all of the time. The device is not really portable as it comes in three parts so this is a permanent desk top feature, which may look awkward or strange at first but once you get working with it, you will wonder why you had not used anything like this before.

These are the details and features of the brilliant AluStand:

Thanks to its aluminum frame, the Alustand is very light and takes up very little room in your suitcase. Its anti-slip surface prevents your notebook from slipping or falling. The height of the AluStand also increases air circulation, which helps your notebook’s fanning system stay cooler longer. With the AluStand, your desk also remains tidy. When assembled the space below where your notebook sits is designed as a storage space for an external keyboard. Dimensions 247 x 267 x 128 mm (Length x Width x Height, assembled). Content  2 x Side parts of the AluStand for Mac & PC notebooks, 1 x Middle piece and 1 x Manual

Priced at around $50

Source [Chip Chick]

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