Solar Powered Laptop Bag/Briefcase!

Solar Powered Laptop Bag!

Solar Powered Laptop Bag!

The Voltaic Generator is one of the seriously cool innovations, which you would really love to have, but just know that the price tag is going to be steep. However, this is proper hi tech stuff which has enough power to charge up a laptop.

For the ultimate mobile computing these days, you need to carry a solar panel with you to charge on the go.  But here’s a solar powered laptop bag that will allow you to get extra solar power without the hassle of carrying a big, lousy solar panel with you.

Using high-efficiency solar cells, this bag charges a laptop, cell phone, and most other handheld electronics. The solar panel generates enough power to fully charge a typical laptop from a day of direct sunlight. It includes a battery pack, which stores the charge and automatically converts it to the required output voltages. Common adaptors are included, and other devices can connect via USB or a car charger. Holds up to a 17″ laptop inside a protective case.

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2 Responses to Solar Powered Laptop Bag/Briefcase!

  1. Not sure if anyone realizes that this unit is not that powerful.. If you really need something that works great for charging/running laptops.. then you need a Solar Laptop Charger & Portable Power Kit 200 Watt:

    I have one of these and it works great.

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