Share computer content with the TV

This may not sound too impressive as we have been connecting out laptops and computers to the TV via the handy HDMI connection for some time, but what makes the Veebeam device different is that it is wireless! It is easy to set up and avoids extra set top boxes etc. Some now with this inexpensive device any content can streamed straight to the TV, which is cool for watching the latest YouTube videos etc.

Product Description for the Veebeam HD Wireless PC to TV link;

Play Anything. Share Anything. Veebeam is the easiest, most affordable way to wirelessly stream anything from your laptop to your TV. It lets you combine the amazing video and audio performance of your current HDTV with the never-ending entertainment options available on your existing laptop. It lets you share all your digital content with your family and friends.

Priced at $139

Source [Gizmag]

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