Meego from Nokia and Intel

This must be a natural progression for the Linux based Moblin Interface used in many new netbooks and the Linux based operating system as used by Nokia in its Tablet PC’s.

The two systems have been merged to produce on super operating system that is being hosted by the Linux Foundation and the user will be able to make use of the applications available from the Nokia Ovi Store, as well as the Intel AppUp centre.

MeeGo includes these features:

•Performance optimizations and features which enable rich computational and graphically oriented applications and connected services development

•No-compromise internet standards support delivering the best web experiences

•Easy to use, flexible and powerful UI/app development environment based on Qt

•Open source project organization managed by the Linux Foundation

•State of the Art Linux stack optimized for the size and capabilities of small footprint platforms and mobile devices, but delivering broad Linux software application compatibility

Source [Liliputing]

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