Its Time To Clean UP

If there is one thing that has to be cleaned regularly it is the computer and one of the best times to do this is the spring when it warm and bright and everything feels fine. One product guaranteed to get into those parts that other dusters cannot reach is the NINJA, this is a can of compressed air that keeps hidden parts of the computer free from dust.






Here are just some of things that can helped by the NINJA:

NINJA arrives in a 10 ounce can and is non-flammable. Recommended For : Computers • Keyboards • Rocket Launchers • Digital Cameras • Printers • Fax Machines • HAL 9000s • Copiers • Telephones • Lab Equipment • TVs • DVD Players • Shredders • Scanners • Stereos • Watches • Clocks • Mailing Machines • BFGs • Fans • Audio Equipment • Laptops • Musical Instruments • Desk Tops •

Priced at $5.99

Source [Think Geek]

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