ASUS UL30 Series – How to Fix Brightness if Cannot Be Changed from Resume!

I just got an alert from one of my readers that they cannot change brightness on their ASUS UL30Vt after a resume. The same thing has been happening to my ASUS UL30Vt but I found a quick fix over at ASUS’s download page, the BIOS update fixes the issue.

BIOS 210
Solve the bug of the brightness can not be changed after resume from S3 in iGPU mode.

You can go download the latest BIOS 210 at ASUS download page (or check for latest one) or download BIOS 210 here.

After unzipping the downloaded file, run the WinFlash under ASUS Utilities.  (If you uninstalled the ASUS Utilities, you can download just the WinFlash also at ASUS’s website.)

Then browse and select the new BIOS file you unzipped earlier like this:

Next, hit “Flash”.

When flashing is done, hit “Exit” and your UL30Vt should reboot.

You can verify that the BIOS has been updated by hitting the Del key at boot-up then F2:

Your brightness settings should work flawless now. :)

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