SunTable is a Solar Table for Outdoor Laptopping!

SunTable for Outdoor Laptopping!

SunTable for Outdoor Laptopping!

This innovative solar table called SunTable, is capable of providing up to 4 hours of laptopping time on a full-charge.

Besides being solar, this is a great way to surf the web in your backyard without having to worry about charging your laptop.

The SunTable is designed for ease of use and weather-resistance. The solar cells charge the battery even when partially covered. A charged battery provides more than 4 hours of laptop use.

The teak frame and edging are low-maintenance and moisture-resistant. The stainless steel legs are resistant to weather. All the outer electronics are designed for outdoor use. Stainless leveling feet ensure an even tabletop surface. Zero moving parts. Hose down to clean.

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