Foot charger for laptops

This is great device that will help you keep working no matter where you are, put quite simply this is a foot powered battery charger that will allow you to charge up your laptop battery or continue to use your laptop even when the battery is low.


The device can also have twelve rechargeable AA batteries installed within it for instant power and for those occasions when you really do not want to look foolish pumping away at this device. While everyone walks by.




Size: travel configuration:170 x 184 x 49 mm – operational configuration: 170 x 234 x 92 mm. Pedal of 129 mm width and 170 mm length

Power: 60-80 W

Electric output: adjustable voltage levels. Supplied with a flexible cable terminated by coaxial plug and appropriate adaptors for most popular laptop brands

Option to build-in up to 12 AA rechargeable batteries.

A State-Of-Charge internal battery indicator.

Price – No prices just yet


Source [Az Sustainability]





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