In car laptop charger

If there is one place where a laptop could use a charging point, it has to be the car as this is one time when the laptop idle and by topping up the battery every time that user gets in their car. Now the battery will have no problems lasting all day long and will be available as and when it is needed.

The great thing about this charging unit is that once it has been placed into the cars power point, there is a feature that allows other devices to the charged too, although overloading a 12 volt socket in a car cannot be recommended, can it!

Here are the specs and features for the Mikosi Technology Co. Ltd, car Laptop charger;

Laptop charger; 12 to 16V input voltage; 20V output voltage, 2A output current; 2hr charging time; Overvoltage and -current protection; 5V 1A supply for USB charging PDAs, GPS, cameras; Six output pins; Extra car cigarette socket; Suitable for HP, Asus, Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, GateWay, Toshiba, MSI, Acer, Fujitsu models

Priced at $7.20

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