Handy keyboard cover

This keyboard cover designed by Thanko has two main purposes; the first is that it will absorb the sound from the keyboard so the constant clacking of the keys will no longer be an issue for late night surfers or for when your partner is watching the TV.

The other use of this cover is protection! If you could see, what is going on under those keys with all of those food crumbs and bacteria from coughs and sneezes we would not want to touch the keyboard until it has been dipped in disinfectant, although that is not a good idea!

These are the features and details for the quiet keyboard cover;

Need a quiet keyboard? Thanko’s latest keyboard cover may exactly what you are looking for! Not only reducing the noise, it will also protect your keyboard from the dust or water.

Priced at $35.76

Source [Ubergizmo]

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