G4 Slim Laptop Mouse – World’s Thinnest Mouse?

Similiar to the MoGo laptop mouse we covered couple weeks back, this G4 Slim Laptop Mouse can also fit inside your PCMCIA PC Slot.

MoGo laptop mouse still is the thinnest mouse in our opinion but this G4 Slim Mouse is not a bad choice for the money.

The new 2P Slim USB Optical Mouse is a laptop mouse that transforms itself in order to be easily stored yet easily used when traveling and working with a laptop.

This 5mm thin, fine-looking “piece of mouse”, fits inside the laptop memory card slot or a small pocket, and solves both the problem of always having dead batteries, and finding extra space for a bulky mouse in your laptop case. The 2P laptop mouse allows you to neatly retract and hide the USB cable, and saves you from finding a “wire monster” waiting inside your bag as you open it. The 65cm (25.5 inch) long USB mouse cable provides you with sufficient length for working comfortably, so you’re not restricted in your mousing movements.

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